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Anonymous asked: What is happening in ferguson exactly? I know a young man got shot, and then there was some kind of protest.



A boy named Michael Brown (he was either 17 or 18, I’ve seen both ages numerous times) was walking with a friend. The Ferguson police initially reported that Brown had stolen from a local convenience store, however the convenience store denies this claim. So then the police reported that Brown was being combative in the police car, however witnesses claim he was never in a police car. 

The story of the police keeps changing. The only story that seems to be consistent is that of the people who witnessed the incident. Apparently Brown and his friend were told to “get the fuck on the sidewalk” by an officer. Then the officer grabbed Brown by the neck, then by the shirt, the officer pulled his gun on Brown and shot him point blank on the right side of his body. Brown and his friend tried to run (and I don’t blame him, I would’ve run too if I’d just been shot for no reason). The officer then shot Brown in the back, which prompted Brown to put his hands in the air and say, “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!” The officer then gunned down an unarmed boy

It’s worth mentioning that Michael Brown had just graduated high school and was about to begin college. This is an amazing accomplishment that should not go unrecognized. 

As a result of this completely unjustified crime, about 100 people went to the police station to engage in a peaceful protest. The police reacted to this by sending in K9s, tear gas, tanks, heavy artillery, ect. It is a fact that the mere presence of police at a protest can cause things to escalate, then add in the fact that the police essentially enacted martial law on the protesters. The protest eventually got out of hand with vandalism, looting, and rioting. The media is trying to portray the situation as: protesters get violent, police react with necessary force. However, according to witness and video account, the police reacted first. At the risk of sounding like a seven-year-old, the police started it. 

To me, it seems that this is a very clear-cut case of institutionalized racism, gross violation of human rights, and the enforcement of martial law. It’s all quite terrifying to be honest. 

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Just trying to keep this circulating. They can’t take down all of the evidence.

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unholy ghost

Photography and makeup by Devan

Model is malefactum

Okay. I’m gonna do this publicly, because I want to make sure I say this respectfully, and if someone sees my response as disrespectful, I’d like them to correct me. This is kinda a sensitive thing. 

I don’t know if the photographer or the model decided on the theme, costume, and props. Either way, I gotta say this. 

I really don’t think this is okay. The rosary is a very important symbol to a very large and diverse group of people. Personally, I use the rosary in times of extreme stress (such as a funeral) for a sort of prayerful meditation. I dislike the fact you use it here as an accessory. It’s not a necklace, it’s not a plaything. You reducing it to just an item is rude to it’s history and to people who put stock in the rosary. 

This photo set is extremely visually appealing, and please understand I’m typing this with a great deal of respect. The second and third photos, however, are just not okay. 

Hello. The photographer and I agreed on the theme together. We chose it for a variety of reasons, the most prominent being that we both like religious iconography and we like to play around with the blasphemy part of it. That may sound wrong but let me explain.. The photos in question are supposed to invoke the reaction that you are giving, in the photo’s you’re seeing someone (me) dressed somewhat like a priest with a rosary  but in a way that clearly shows that this person isn’t an angel in any sense. You can tell by the way we shot it that this is not a blessed thing we’re doing. When you say that  it is disrespectful to the history of the rosary I could give you many many occasions in history that the rosary was not always something used or worn by people that were saintly in any manner of speaking. In fact, in these photos we are showing the corruption of the church throughout history. I would like to apologize if we offended anyone. But if we’re going with your idea wouldn’t most of the stock of forever 21 and h&m be considered disrespectful as well, crosses are a hit if you didn’t notice. 

"The second and third photos are just not okay" 

This is where I start to get angry. It’s someone’s art not a proclamation of war, and who are you to judge whether it is okay or not. Everything is becoming an offense, people can’t express themselves freely anymore. I have not harmed anyone with this photo set nor has the photographer and it is obvious that we do not mean to. I understand that you are saying what you did with a “great deal of respect” and I hope you understand that I am trying to do the same, but I would like to teach you how to write in opinions because you are not all knowing (to say so must be some sort of blasphemy, no?) and for you to state that the art that my friend and I made is simply “not okay” is just as disrespectful as you think my using the rosary as an accessory is.  The rosary was used as a prop in a photo shoot which was all fantasy, I don’t know if anyone was really offended by it but if they were, once again, my apologies. I don’t even know what can be done nowadays on this website that is not offensive to someone. How many posts do you see here condemning christian values, like the posts about going to hell for reading fanfiction, and no one is standing up against that. WHy? because it’s all lighthearted, means no harm, and is for entertainment purposes. That’s my prerogative.

Also if I said I was a satanist (which I’m not) then I could be practicing my own religion in these photos. 

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Do not tease children about their crushes.

Do not tease children about their crushes.

Do not tease children about their crushes.



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pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything



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why the fuck does everyone in the purge movies want to kill people if crime was legal i’d find a way to erase my student debt and also probably steal a bunch of new clothes

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apparently e.l. james called former child star mara wilson (matilda) a “sad f**k” for critiquing the 50shades books a while ago and now there’s a feud. i love it.

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hermione granger as the doctor’s companion

come with me.



together they could rule the universe.


“I had to use a Time Turner to get to fit all my classes in”

“Oh you BRILLIANT girl! It’s always the smart ones that are the most dangerous. Books are the best weapons in the world, after all”

“Could you take me to a library?”

“I could take you to a planet where the entire WORLD is a library”

“You and I are going to have a lot of fun Doctor, aren’t we?”

“Oh yes!”

I mean he’s a fan of HP


Completely plausible AU + Hermione Granger = YESYESYES YES YES




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Why is this so cool?

..Are those little staples? WHY WOULD YOU STAPLE BREAD TO THE WALL.

If I hit my post limit for this….





Why is this so cool?

..Are those little staples? WHY WOULD YOU STAPLE BREAD TO THE WALL.

If I hit my post limit for this….

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